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Ways to survive a road trip with kids! Tips, trick, and ideas!

Getting threw any road trip can be tough on kids and even harder on the parents. So recently we took a road trip to pick up our new puppy and this is how we survived. :)
~First thing we did was make busy bags. Cheap little things went into a bag to keep kids busy during the ride.
(I suggest staying away from the balls and bubbles some people add, balls can roll and get caught under the drivers peddle and bubbles seem to never go out the window for us and we tend to end up with a soapy car.)

~Second thing to remember is snacks! Plan ahead if you will stop for food or will pack snacks. We decided to pack snacks. Each kid got their own bag with small snacks for along the way.
Try using organizers to store food for trips.

~Something to look into is games like~
Road trip Bingo (search for free printable ones)
License Plate game (try to find a plate for mall 50 states)
20 Questions
The singing game (one person starts a song and the others have to connect the song and keep singing the same song, or try connecting lyrics from all different songs to make a unique song)
Fast food Bingo
Have I ever (say something you have never done and see if anyone else has done it or not)
Would you rather
Radio Roulette

Think about making pit stops along the way to see things and get a good stretch in.
Here is pictures from our pit stop~

~DO NOT forget a first aid kit!
~Do not forget anything to clean up a mess. (wipes, paper towels, etc.)
~Draw out on a map the way you will go for kids to easily follow the trip.
~Make surprise bags for each stop along the way. Find out a little bit about the places you will be  stopping ahead of time and make a bag of stuff to learn about when you make a pit stop. Include fun facts and pictures.
~Even if it is only a one day road trip bring extra clothes, accidents happen. 
~Bring a camera and let the kids take pictures. Some of our best pictures ended up being from the hands of my kids!
Most of all, Have fun, Don't stress!


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