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12 Ice Fun Ideas

Ice is a great way to make summer and just plain days better! Have fun with these ice ideas! 
spice ice! 
add different spices to a ice cube tray then add some paint and mix. Let freeze once done run tray under warm water to make it easier for the cubes to come out. While kids paint ask them what each smells like and describe it! Uses sense of smell and vocabulary! (not for kids who will eat the cubes unless you use edible paint recipe for different edible paints found in paint ideas folder)

ice boats made in ice cube tray 
fill a ice cube tray with water add some food coloring if you would like. Then cover with plastic wrap or tin foil and put tooth picks in each cube. Once frozen take out (i ran it under some hot water to get them out) and add little sails (can cut triangles out of paper and put them on as sails)I didn't get tot add sails to these before my daughter took them and i never seen them again. (for older kids sense tooth picks can be pointy)

These couldn't be any easier to put together. Simply place a small toy (hot wheels car, polly pocket, etc.) inside of your container and add water and a drop of food coloring (if using). Once frozen remove from freezer at bath time, pop the iceburg from the container and watch your little ones delight at the toy magically appears as the ice melts in a warm bath. My little guy get a pretty big kick out of this and now requests "magic ice" at almost every bath. 

in a cup mix baking soda with little bit of water. The scoop the mix into a ice cube tray. Once frozen run back of tray under hot water to release the ice cubes and put them on a deep plate or bowl. Last to make them fizz use a spoon or anything like that to pour vinegar over them and let them fizz! 
hint-(i wouldn't fill all of the ice cube tray cause then ur gonna be using a lot of vinegar)We also add glitter to ours just for color.

we put abc letters in a muffin pan with water and froze them once frozen we made words and then just had fun getting the letters out of the ice

In a muffin tray we froze glitter glue (pink) shampoo(light blue) paint (dark blue) rocks and a toy. The glue and shampoo where really cool sensory tools.

colored ice and oil
in a ice cube tray make a ice cube or two of little water mixed with a lot of food coloring. Once frozen get a cup of oil and drop the cube in the oil watch as the cube melts and noticed the food coloring does not mix with the oil. find out why it doesn't mix here-

Great senory fun
freeze water into a block of ice then let ur kids explore with different things to melt the ice. We used paint and salt. )The salt melts the ice and makes cool marks.

Here’s a great craft to brighten up those cold winter days!

ice cube tray
food coloring
a round cake pan
ribbon or colored yarn
small plastic cup

Fill an ice cube tray with water, then add a few drops of food coloring to each cube. Try just two or three colors, since they’ll blend together, later. Put them into the freezer.
Pour water into a round cake pan until it’s about two-thirds full. Place a small plastic cup (the size of a small yogurt cup) full of water near one end. This will make the hole for the ribbon.
Put the pan in the freezer for one hour, then arrange the colored ice cubes in it and refreeze it until it’s solid.
Remove the plastic cup, then take your Icy Suncatcher out of the pan and hang it outside with some colored yarn or a ribbon. Enjoy!

colored ice cubes on a string
makes it easy for babies to hold and play with
either fill a ice cube try with different juices or water colored with food coloring then add a long string and lay it across the try and let freeze!

also try large containers and have ur kids with a toy hammer etc. try to "break" it very fun and nice to keep cool

Crush fruit in blender (if fruit is to dry add some lemonade or other drink do not add water cause water will dilute your drink as the ice melts) then add mixture into a ice cube tray and freeze. tip to make them come out easier is to run the tray under some warm water. Add some color and nutrition to ur kids drink this summer!


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