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After this long rainy day..

I sit here updating my blog with toys, crafts, and rice on my floor. Two kids still playing not ready for bed yet and no dinner started, but in all honesty i'm happy. I love that my kids play there little hearts out every day learning instead of sitting watching tv all day or fighting with each other. Yes at the end of the day there is a lot of cleaning up to do but with music on that makes it a simple task. I do wonder though how people who hate mess deal with kids?I believe with every mess kids are learning. No kid wakes up in the morning thinking how can I piss off my parents today. With that being said it is now clean up time and time for dinner after. Tonight we are having "crabby patties" in honor of SpongeBob of course. Goodnight all!


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Sensory bins are something you can really make for any age and to fit into any budget. Mine was made for my own kids (ages 6&7) and made from items bought at my local dollar store. A sensory bin is a bin that engages some if not all of the 5 senses. Mine did not include scent or taste but was followed up by Valentines day candy as a treat. Now that my kids are no longer toddlers but still love these bins I try to include things I can use later on for different crafts or decorating. So for this bin I added heart shaped buckets, shredded paper, stickers, necklaces, Valentines day clothes pins, and a heart shaped bell door hanger. Recently I have noticed my kids enjoy adding other toys to play time and I love that. Seeing what they come up with and hearing the stories change as they grow is pretty neat to see. Anyway I hope this inspires you to try a sensory bin out with your baby/toddler/or child, and have a good rest of your morning, evening or night! Bye!
Side note~ Sadly I have …