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Long morning but Hi everyone!

Sorry been shampooing my carpets but I finally have a min. to blog. So my question last nigth was Do you think home schooling is better then sending ur kid off to school?. I know a lot of mom's and dad's that fight with this one, but really I think there is benfits to both. If you home school you know what ur kid is learning and they can work at there own pase.  Where in schooling they get the time to spend with other kids, but may not get that extra time to learn something. Another thing I know is bothering parents is the bullying and school violence. More and more I hear about these young kids (sometiems 7 and younger) being bullied to the point they hurt thereselves or worse. This subject is always tricky but no matter what you choose, I think the key is talking. Talk to your kids everyday, find out the bad points of the day and follow that up with the good things that happened!


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One way I keep my kids learning over the summer break!

We all know that summer can be one time our kids can lose what they learn during the school year. We get told this over and over every year and it is very true. So every summer we try to fit in as much learning as we can(while still having fun). This year we are trying spring/summer journals. As much as possible we  take walks and every time the kids see something they find interesting they either write about it and/or draw a picture to go with it. This way we are keeping up with new vocabulary and learning about many different things.
So yeah, this is the new thing we are adding this summer to help keep my kids learning! So far it has been a big hit, lets hope it stays that way. :)

Have a good rest of your morning, evening, or night! Bye guys!~

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Spring dollar sensory bin/easy cheap sensory play

Spring is here finally! We are so ready for the warmer weather! To celebrate the start of spring I decided a nice sensory bin was a good idea. So off to the local dollar store I went to see what they would have. Dollar stores are a great place to find cheap ideas for play. 
They had a whole selection of fairies and gnomes and many accessories. This was the tray I put together for my kids but my kids are older and I know they wont eat any of this. If you have younger kids or toddlers  I suggest looking around to find more age appropriate items. I also look for items that will not just sit around or go to waste. These little figures will go in a play bin for not only my kids to enjoy threw the spring/summer but for my neighborhood kids to enjoy also. The only thing I wish I would have added to this tray was water. We covered the sense of touch here in many ways and water would have been a great add on. Anyway this was my kids bin but you can make many different bins from dollar stores …

Black cat hand prints