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12 Fun things to do this summer

Summer is a time for fun! No school, nice days, so have fun with these 12 cool summer things you must try!



took a twiste on another craft this one is water balloon ice!
I filled water balloons with paint (you could use food coloring) and the rest of the way with water. Then dried them off on a paper towel and put them in individual bags to freeze, once frozen I took off the balloon and let my daughter take them out on a hot day to play with and watch them melt.

3.Pool party!

4.Make ur own bubbles 
Bubble solution:
12 cups of water
1 cup of dish soap
1 cup of cornstarch
2 Tbsp baking powder

5.Water balloon fight!
6.painting with water balloons!
Before filling water balloons with water add some paint then add the water. Put some paper on the ground out side and let Ur little one have fun throwing and popping the balloons making a picture on the paper or ground! (balloons can be a choking hazard so be careful) cream in a bag
-1/2 cup milk (it doesn't matter what kind, whole, 2%, chocolate, etc.)
-1 Tablespoon sugar
-1/4 teaspoon vanilla

First add the milk, sugar and vanilla in a pint size zip lock freezer bag. I put the zip lock bag in a cup so that it would be easier for the kids to add the ingredients. Zip the bag shut.
Place the pint size bag into a quart or larger size zip lock bag. And add enough ice to fill the bag half way and add 6 tablespoons of salt. Zip that bag shut and start shaking/mixing the bag. It will take about 5-10 minutes to get really cold ice cream.
Shake, shake, shake
Before opening the bag with the ice cream....make sure you dry it off with a towel and open it carefully so that you won't get any salt water into the ice cream. Put it in a bowl, add a few sprinkles, and bon appetit!

8.brown paper bag book(journal)
cut off the 4 side to a paper bag fold the to bigger ones together to make a book then add the two side cut 3 holes in the side that closed and tie ribbon or string in each one 
we made this one a nature journal so my daughter can draw what she sees out side but you can make yours anything!

9.jello ice!
all edible! 
make jello and put in a ice cube tray then freeze once frozen pop them out and done! 
This was a idea that I put in a clean bathtub for my kids to play with and once they where done crushing it and eating it, it was bath time!


~Cut the bottom off a bottle 
~Place a sock over it and secure with tape or an elastic band
~Put several drops of all different colors of food coloring onto the sock 
~Pour some dish soap and water into a shallow dish
~Dip sock end into the dish and blow through the spout of the bottle!

Please be sure that if you do this with younger kids you remind them to BLOW not SUCK otherwise they will end up with the bubble in their mouths... YUCK!

11.Bird Nest Material Wreath

The birds' nesting wreath will hold materials that birds can add to their nests while building them. Make sure to use materials that will not harm the birds.

Materials needed for the Birds' Nesting Wreath:

Grapevine wreath - any size
Bits of string
Bits of cloth remnants
Yarn pieces
Raffia strands


Lining Material

This is a very easy project so it is great to include your children.

Begin making your wreath by cutting bits and pieces of the material you are going to use. When you have gathered and cut enough material start adding them to your wreath by loosely stuffing them in slots and/or wrapping and stuffing them. You want the pieces loose enough for the birds to be able to tug them out of the wreath but tight enough not to blow way in the wind. Add a large piece of twine to the top of your wreath for a hanger and place it outside.

add two cups of corn starch to a pot then add 10 cups of water let boil and stir! (i stride every so often till it boiled then i stirred constantly)
ends up like pudding and very fun i add food coloring to mine!


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