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Clean up fun!

Cleaning up soemtimes can be long and stressful. What kid doesnt wanan help, what kid doesnt wanna get in the bath/shower. Hopfully these ideas makes the whole thing a little easier!
glo bath with glo stick cheap and lights up the bath enough to not have to use a light

my daughter loves to try to help me clean, at times this is nice. So i made it a game and put a box on the floor with tape and let her sweep everything into that box. She was really proud of herself when done.

(my own picture and idea )
good night bath, also had bath books and made it a lavender bubble bath

Whale Water Scoop
What you'll need
Clean plastic gallon milk jug
Permanent marker
How to make it
Turn the gallon jug onto its side so that the handle is at the top. With the marker, draw a mouth shape on the base of the jug, extending partway up the sides.

Cut along the lines with scissors, creating a wide-mouthed scoop (a parent's job).

Using the marker, outline the edge of the mouth and add eyes and a blowhole.

Or just make it a chore jar. If a kid wants something write a amount with each chore and once done the chore Ur kid gets that amount of money. Let them keep doing chores till they have saved enough up to get what they are wanting.

teaching how to brush teeth threw crafts!

Craft items you will need:

Pink construction paper
32 Mini-marshmallows
Tooth brush (to demonstrate to children how to brush teeth properly)
Craft instructions:

Have the children cut out a large oval shape from pink construction paper. This will be the mouth.

Once done, have the children fold the pink construction paper in half.

Next, have the children count out 16 marshmallows and glue the 16 marshmallows all along the bottom of the mouth.

Then. have the children count out another 16 marshmallows and glue these 16 marshmallows all along the top of the mouth.

Lastly, have the children draw and color in a tongue.

put little toys in soap bottle once soap bottle is empty then ur kid may have the toy fun way to teach to wash hands can also put baribe stuff for girls or anything else that will fit

Buy some glycerin soap at a craft store. Melt it in the microwave, add food coloring, and pour into a mold. I used an ice cube tray. You can also add essential oils if you go for scents, though I find that a bit unnecessary for bath crayons. Takes about an hour to cool completely, then pop out of the mold and you have crayons!


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