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The four Christmas gift challenge

1. Something they want
2.  Something to wear
3. Something to read
4. Something they need 

For many parent Christmas can easily get out of hand and become one expensive holiday, but that is not what Christmas is all about. So this challenge is to keep spending low but still have fun. I noticed as my kids get older the things they want are getting more expensive and this also helped my kids decided what they REALLY want, otherwise they would write a  two page list of just "things". We still do the stockings too and normally place candy, new tooth brush, lotion and such in them.
Here are some ideas of things to give as Christmas gifts beside the normal toys and electronics. 
~Tickets! (zoo, concert, train rides(we have a place near us that does Christmas train rides and stories with hot coco), aquarium ) Can also do memberships to these places 
~Magazine subscription 
~Classes (for art, excising, dance, soccer)
~Monthly boxes. (I have seen a monthly box for just about everyone in my family....monthly shave club, bark box for pets, art in a box, love with food, candy box...there is so many just try googling what the person likes plus monthly box)
~This is one my kids love! One on one outings. They get to pick the events for the whole day.
~Nature gifts (like a bird feeder, butterfly garden, bug house)
~ A donation made in that persons name to a favorite place. (for my kids it would be local animal shelters) 
~Home made coupon book. (I remember making these for my parents when I was little but I know my kids would love coupons they can, you pick dinner, skip dishes tonight, indoor movie night)
~Restaurant gift cards (I would take this as adult over any gift. I love taking a night off and giving the job to some other place. Great for a family will a newborn, date night?)
~Camera (I know I said no electronics but a camera feeds a kids mind so much! Makes them get moving and even explore the world around them more.)


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