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Dippin' Dots slime and foam

This was one of the best slimes we have ever made!
What you need~
foam dots ( the little ones that you find in bean bag pillows...we found ours in the dollar store, sold as fake snow) 
food coloring
liquid starch 

Before you start decided if you want to make slime or foam. Slime will flow a lot more then foam.

To make foam you will add more liquid starch and to make slime you will add less. So to make one color start by pouring half a bottle of glue in a bowl and add the food coloring. Mix. Once done you add the liquid starch. Again if you are making slime only add a little bit and for foam add more. Mix. This is where I like to let it sit for a minute so all the extra liquid starch can settle and be poured out. After getting rid of any extra liquid you mix in the foam balls. You have to add a good amount,  I would say 1 1/2 cups. I used both sizes the store had. Mix. That's it, pretty easy, just repeat for other colors. It turns into a great sensory play tool. Note~ It will dry out and become hard if left out so make sure if you want to keep it place it in a air tight bin. 


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