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Sponge crafts! review

So today we did 4 crafts all with sponges, lets review.
First one was these Spong water bombs- 
to make one you need 2 sponges
first you cut both of the sponges into fourths length-wise.
Then stack two layers of 4 sponge pieces,and using a piece of string or yarn tie it around the sponges as tight as possible. 
and Done!

Second one was Building with sponges
These were the pieces of sponge from the "sponge water bomb craft" but if you wanna make them just cut a sponge into fourths length-wise ands let your little ones have fun building with them.

Third was-

Sponge painting
 painting with pieces of sponges (good way to teach shapes and colors)

and last was -"cool" necklace

Great for play on hot days
First cut squares out of sponges then using needle put them all on a piece of string and tie off once done. Then wet and stick in zip lock bag and put i nthe freezer till frozen. Once frozen let you'r little one have fun wearing and playing with this. My little ones wouldnt wear it but loved stepping and jumping on it.

Than kyou for tuning in to this sponge play day! Come back soon!


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