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Milk jug shower FAIL

Here is another craft that worked but was just a little too silly to try again. So the idea is to poke holes threw the lid of a milk jug and then use it as a gentle play shower for little ones bath time. It worked but I call this one a fail for one reason. That being once the jug is filled its heavy, not only that but it is slippery sense it is wet with water. So it will take a lot of work to hold this thing up while it empties.  My kids personally wanted to then stick there heads under the "shower" and I was just to nervous this thing would slip out of my hands and fall on their heads. 
I guess if you drink milk you will have a empty jug at some point though and sense that is all this takes you can try still but be careful. Maybe the idea of using it as a watering jug is better?


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