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Jumping in leaves...dangerous?

Okay this is one fall activity I never thought could be dangerous but the more parents I talk to the more I hear why they do not let their kids do this. First thing I herd was ticks....yeah not something I really thought about when jumping in leaves but supposedly it happens. A good tick check once done should take care of that. Then I herd random sticks....yes, random sticks....Where their is leaves there may be small sticks. This parents thought was what if she misses a stick and her kid jumps in the leaves and gets hurt....well that is a worry that has never passed my mind but it is understandable. Other things  I herd are~
Mold~Mold grows on fallen leaves making its dangerous for kids, ones with asthma are at a higher risk for this effecting them.
Snakes and spiders...I would think raking the leaves into a pile would scare these critters away though?...
Letting kids play in leaf piles that have been made in the street. In our area we have a leaf clean up day. You push all leaves into the street and a big truck comes by and picks them up. These hiding places made it easy for kids to be hurt or killed.

So after hearing all this I was left with the question of I let my kids play in the leaves this fall?
For now it is still a yes for me. We only play in the pile for one day then it gets picked up. We also always double check for sticks and we will do tick checks this time. Raking a pile and jumping in it is a fall favorite for my kids and my neighborhood kids. Its a fun activity we will continue and always keep a watchful eye over.
Let me know below do you let your kids play in leaf piles? Why or why not?


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