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Chocolate covered (heart shape) strawberries and marshmallows

chocolate chips
tooth picks
plastic knife

To make the strawberries heart shape we cut them in half then placed them next to each other and cut any extra off to make the heart shape. Stick a tooth pick in them when done and keep it in till they are covered in chocolate and cooled. We used sticks for the marshmallows to make them more of a handheld treat for little ones.(helped keep them clean)
So once you have the strawberries cut and the sticks place in the marshmallows it is time to melt the chocolate. This is how we did it~ Place chocolate chips in a medium pot over low/medium heat. Keep mixing till melted. Make sure to keep mixing so it does not burn. Once all is melted then dip marshmallows and strawberries. I dipped and my daughter decorated them with sprinkles once done. Do not let them cool first or the sprinkles will not stick. After all are decorated we place every thing in the fridge for a hour so the chocolate harden and it was ready to eat! 
Enjoy!~ :)


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One way I keep my kids learning over the summer break!

We all know that summer can be one time our kids can lose what they learn during the school year. We get told this over and over every year and it is very true. So every summer we try to fit in as much learning as we can(while still having fun). This year we are trying spring/summer journals. As much as possible we  take walks and every time the kids see something they find interesting they either write about it and/or draw a picture to go with it. This way we are keeping up with new vocabulary and learning about many different things.
So yeah, this is the new thing we are adding this summer to help keep my kids learning! So far it has been a big hit, lets hope it stays that way. :)

Have a good rest of your morning, evening, or night! Bye guys!~

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took a twiste on another craft this one is water balloon ice!
I filled water balloons with paint (you could use food coloring) and the rest of the way with water. Then dried them off on a paper towel and put them in individual bags to freeze, once frozen I took off the balloon and let my daughter take them out on a hot day to play with and watch them melt.

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1 cup of cornstarch
2 Tbsp baking powder
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-1/2 cup milk (it doesn't matter what kind, w…