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Shaving cream and water balloons play

Fun sensory play idea
My kids wanted to play outside this morning "sooo bad"(in their words), while I wanted to finish packing for our move.....long story short...
they won :)
So to make sure they had tons of fun I set up this water table idea. First I filled up the water balloons and place them in the table. By now my kids really REALLY just wanted to play, but I knew in about 2 minutes all water balloons would be gone and my kids would be asking me for more. So to make it more fun and a little harder to grab the balloons(thus making them last longer) I added shaving cream. 
By now they had a friend over and play time started. It was cute and funny seeing them roll around the balloons in the shaving cream trying to pick them up. To help clean up after all this shaving cream we filled buckets with water and everyone had a small bucket to pour on themselves to get clean...or smi till bath time. :)


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Have a good rest of your morning, evening, or night! Bye guys!~

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