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toy review #2 product~ Just Like Home Garden

(we got the plant one, tomato one, and pepper one)
The plant one was $8 on sale, the other two were $6 on sale.
We got them from toysrus but you can buy them online at amazon.

suggested age~ 3 and up

All were fun to play with.
The plants come apart in pieces so you have the stem, leaves, and different parts of the flower. The peppers and tomatoes come part also so you have the leaves, stem, and different cuts of each.

these are great for teaching things like~
parts of a plant
cutting vegetables (with a safety knife of course)

Each set comes with storage, you lift up the dirt and the box is hollow and fits all parts inside.

One thing I would suggested to look out for is the box. The corners of all three boxes where a little sharp. I actually cut my finger a little getting it out of the package.

I do recommend these toys for kids! Very good for learning fine motor skills.


  1. Thank you for the feedback. I have had these on my wishlist and wasn't sure of the quality or worth the dollars. They look bigger than I thought. Off to order them now.

  2. we have had them for days now and my kids are still playing with them as if we just bought them. the flower box is about foot long and the other two are about i would say 8 inches long


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