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Home made chalk (that bubbles!)

in a bowl mix baking soda with just enough water to make it like a plaster then add in some food coloring of Ur choice. Place into molds and let dry for 48 hours....(I only did 24 hours and the chalk fell apart little to easy)
note you can hide little toys in the chalk then let it be a surprise when ur kids use the chalk...You can also use vinegar and once ur kid/kids are done making art spray it with the vinegar to watch it bubble!


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Sensory bins are something you can really make for any age and to fit into any budget. Mine was made for my own kids (ages 6&7) and made from items bought at my local dollar store. A sensory bin is a bin that engages some if not all of the 5 senses. Mine did not include scent or taste but was followed up by Valentines day candy as a treat. Now that my kids are no longer toddlers but still love these bins I try to include things I can use later on for different crafts or decorating. So for this bin I added heart shaped buckets, shredded paper, stickers, necklaces, Valentines day clothes pins, and a heart shaped bell door hanger. Recently I have noticed my kids enjoy adding other toys to play time and I love that. Seeing what they come up with and hearing the stories change as they grow is pretty neat to see. Anyway I hope this inspires you to try a sensory bin out with your baby/toddler/or child, and have a good rest of your morning, evening or night! Bye!
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