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Raising kids with life skills

Lets start with what is a life skill?
By definition a life skill is-a skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.
They are very important to our kids because one day they will not have you to help them. One day they will need to stand on their own. One way to teach them is threw chores. 
Chores that are to be done every day. This chart has helped me so much when I am trying to think of new things for my kids to help with. As parents we need to remember even though it may be easier just to do these things and get them done it is not teaching our kids anything. I know that is how it was for me and then teaching them how to do these chores the right way took time and some times was just down right frustrating, but once they got the hang of things it was really helpful!
Does raising  kids without life skills lead to entitled children? 
Of course it will! When children have every thing done or even bought for them they do not learn that real life is not like that and it will become a harsh reality later in life. Spend less money and give children more personal time. They will thank you later for all the memories you make. 
Another idea is let kids earn money for new toys. A chore chart or job chart is a great way to do this.Like this one..easy to  make and change as jobs change. 
Last thing to keep in mind  is that school's will not teach our kids every thing! Remember shop and cooking class? What ever happened to them?!
The one I found a lot of kids like is growing their own food. So we started a garden and any chance I could get to invites kids over the help I do. Something so simple but no one ever took the time out to show them how easy it could be done. This was how my garden looked last week thanks to all the little helping hands for planting seeds, and the best part was seeing the kids pick their own carrots, wash them and eat them! They were so thankful. 
More things we should make sure our kids know how to do~
Have good manners (Please and thank you go a long way, so does holding doors open and smiling)
The value of honesty 
Advocate for themselves 
Manage money (counting piggy bank maybe?)
Making healthy choices 
First aid
Really the list could go on and on but really lets also not forget children will only be children for so long enjoy it when you can and never waste a minute!  


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