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Shopkins Ferris wheel

Popsicle sticks
one big straw
hot  glue
shopkins baskets
play doh or clay 
wooden dowels

Step 1~ Make two A sides (make sure they are the same size)

Step 2~ Make two sides of the wheel, again making sure they are the same size then hot glue together.

Step 3~ Cut a one inch piece of wooden dowel and a once inch piece of straw. Glue the dowel to the middle of the wheel and the straw to the top of one of the A's. Do the same thing for the other side. So when done you should have two A's with straw glued to top and both sides of the wheels with a piece of dowel glued to the middle. 

Step 4~ Holding one side of the wheel glue on 6 pieces of dowel so it looks like above ^ (ours was little longer then the shopkins baskets itself) 

Step 5~ Add the baskets. Season 1 &2 work best. Then add glue o each dowel and place the other side on. Let dry
Make sure to have the middle dowels on the outside  not the inside of the Ferris wheel. 

To finish we made a play doh base but you could use clay or even make a Popsicle one! We placed our A's on the play doh then slipped the middle wooden dowels into the straws. That is it!
Remember not to hot glue the dowels into the straws as it will not turn then.  
note~ after some play one wooden dowel with a basket on it fell off. It actually made it better cause then you could start truing the wheel and the weight of the baskets and Shopkins would finish turning it by itself. 
Any questions feel free to comment and ask!


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