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Shopkins Birthday on a budget

With my sons 4th birthday coming up and this being right after we moved and at the start of the holiday season I knew what ever theme he wanted would have to be on a budget. So given myself time I asked him a month ahead of time and good thing I did cause when his answer was Shopkins I wasn't surprised. Shopkins are on their third season (another one coming out soon :p ) and are highly collectible. There is little to no birthday party supplies out there and personally I can not afford Etsy crafts right now so we went with making everything hand made with stuff we had.
This is what we did!~
Above are Shopkins stuffies made from felt, hot glue, and plastic bags.
To make them you just outline the front first, make and add the eyes, mouth, and any other extras. Then you hot glue a big piece of felt on the back. Make sure to leave a hole to stuff it. (to stuff ours we put in one plastic bag so it make noise and any scrap felt pieces, nothing went to waste) Once done cut off any extra felt and done. 
note~I'm not a great artist, if you are not either a ruler is a big help when outlining them.(and a washable marker) This are going to be used at a life size Shopkins shopping store we will create using their toy Shoping carts and cash register. 

Next we made his gift box. For this we used a old box, tissue paper, hot glue, felt, constitution paper, and two hangers. 
Shopkins make blind baskets, you get two shopkins in the basket. It's a fun surprise thing. So we covered the box with blue felt(season one baskets where blue)  cut out paper shopkins and glued them on. The tissue paper on top is hot glued to the box lids, with a gift inside and more tissue paper. The medal hangers where not easy to bend and we only had two. So I couldn't mess around to much with the one side but I think that's the last thing my son will notice when he is opening his gift. :) 

These ^ are just constriction paper Shopkins to hang up on the walls to use as decoration. 
Note~Just ask your child what ones they like. With over 300 Shopkins out there this is a sure way to make sure you get their favorites in there. 

Above is only tow of the many popcorn bags we made using brown bags, glue, felt, and markers. We personalized them by adding a L instead of a S for my sons name. 

All we need by the time we where done was food, drinks, cake(witch we will be making) plates and cups. The best thing about this whole thing was seeing my sons face everything I got done another Shopkin, he was amazed. Can't wait to see his face on his birthday, playing with everything. Any questions feel free to ask~ Hope this give you some ideas on making our own Shopkins party!
Note~ His birthday is not here yet so if we make anything else I will be sure to add.

Today we made a simple poster for my sons party for everyone to sign and give their well wishes. This is something we can easily store away till when he is older.


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