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Playing in the rain

Today we had fun outside in the rain, finding new adventures!
For my kids who love water this was a great thing. So we suited up, well son didn't want shoes. :p and off we went.

First thing we did was jump in muddy puddles! 
So much fun 

Next I took out their slide and let my kids discover the fun that waited. First they put the doll down to see how fast she could go and it wasn't long after that they each went down. 
After that my son went right to one of our water tables and noticed its filling. I gave them some soap and off they went playing, making bubbles. 

After that my kids wanted to explore all of the yard, so we went on a long walk. My son loved seeing the toads in the yard jumping. The grate is above is where they where going.

We even got to see foam from water rushing down our spouts. It was tempting to add some soap and see if it would get bigger but out of moving soon I let it be. 
So next time it rains get out there and have some fun!!!


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