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I let my son play with dolls!

Each year many kids/teens think about suicide, and even more sadly commit it. Half of the kids who do commit this are a result of bullying. Now their is many reasons why kids/teens get bullied but one thing is common, these kids learned it form some place!! If a kid looks different, if they speak different, if a girl likes boy toys, if a boy likes girl toys. These are all reasons why kids get bullied among many others. This closed minded way of thinking is sad to see now and days. I would like to think we all grew above these standers of thinking boys playing with dolls will make them gay or that girls who like batman are not "normal", but we haven't. 
Recently a lady who I do not know made a comment over my son's toes being painted blue. My son is 3 and loves to be just like his big sister and so what if he wants his toes painted blue?, this doesn't make him any less of a boy. This does not make him "weird" or not "normal". I never set up stereotypes with my kids and I refuse too. A boy that plays with dolls might or might not become gay but that has nothing to do with what they choose to play with and that's not what we should be worrying about. We should be worrying about them growing up as outstanding, amazing, confident, and helpful members of society. The only thing that is for sure when my son plays with dolls is that he will learn to care for a baby and be a good big brother, dad, uncle, or cousin.
"Grown ups" please do grow up and listen to what you are teaching you'r kids. Bullying is still on the rise.


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